Tools Required For Basic Installation

Different tools could be needed depending on the specific type of door or window you’re installing the window screen or screen door on. For instance, if you’re fastening to aluminum or wood, the two will demand completely different strategies.

Let’s start with hinged Security Screen Doors into a timber door jamb, basic tools for this particular installation would include: 

  • Cordless screwdriver

  • Cordless drill

  • Phillips head bit

  • Hammer

  • 1/8 drill bit

  • 10 mm chisel

If your hinged Security Screen Door installation is for an aluminium fixing you will also require;

  • Flat blasted file or a round file

  • Standard drill set

  • Rivet gun

If you are fixing security screens to an aluminium window and you are fixing directly to the face then you may require some long grip range rivets. The thickness of our standard window grille frame is 11mm and then depending on the thickness of the aluminium that you are drilling through, this will decide the length of the actual rivet you need. In most cases 15mm is satisfactory.

Good tools and the correct operation of those tools will go a long way to having a satisfactory installation and coupled with that the correct initial measuring is even more important to get a well-fitted and functional product. If you are not confident with either part of the operation then we strongly suggest that you engage the services of a licensed handyman or carpenter so as to have your particular installation installed correctly. Dubai Fly Screen guarantee the workmanship and components of the door, not the installation.

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