While allowing fresh air into your home is a relief, doing it without fly screens also invites unwanted insects. Fortunately, there are numerous fly screen varieties and a wide range of material choices.

The general term “fly screen” refers to any material that is intended to cover an open window or entrance. When a window or door is open, a fly screen’s main function is to prevent insects, dirt, leaves, trash, tiny birds, and pests from entering your home.

Here are some options for Fly Screen to choose from:


Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable screens are a roll of mesh that is housed within a housing and are frequently referred to as roller screen doors (cassette). The mesh rolls out and stretches as you move the screen along the top and bottom tracks, offering comprehensive insect defense.

Insect screen mesh is used in retractable screens instead of cloth, which is how roller blinds operate. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically, according to your home’s design.

Retractable screens are designed to pass unnoticed, incorporating small tracks, discrete fittings, and a range of sizes and colours depending on your design requirements.

Pleated Fly Screens

Pleated fly screens function more like an accordion or concertina than retractable fly screens, which have mesh that rolls into a cassette. This indicates that the pleats are easily foldable and stackable once they are retracted.

Pleated fly screens don’t need a spring-loaded tube like retractable fly screens do, thus they are less tensed than retractable screens. Because they need relatively little physical effort to open and close, pleated fly screens are an excellent choice for young children and the elderly.

Pleated screens feature sleek, modern design that blends seamlessly into the existing door frame. There are no clunky additions; just clean, minimal execution.

Sliding Insect Screens

Both windows and sliding doors can use sliding insect screens. The frame of the fly screen is supported by tracks, allowing for simple sliding along a second track that runs perpendicular to the doors or windows.

Hinged Fly Screens

A hinged framework is used to create hinged fly screens that attach to the side of doors. The word “hinged” refers to the side hinges that allow a door to swing. In general, hinged screens are a cost-effective choice because of their similar shutter-like opening mechanism. Hinged fly screens can be installed over any UPVC, timber, or metal casement and are designed for doors where they function as a fly screen mesh for the door frame.

Screen Windows

These are the typical or “standard” window fly screens. Usually just a straightforward frame with an expanded insect mesh covering it These often don’t have any extra features, thus they can’t, for instance, be retractable. These may be taken out and placed back in according on how they were initially installed, which is important to clean the windows even if it is a bit of a hassle.

Picking fly screens for your home

It’s crucial to take into account your particular tastes when selecting fly screens, as well as variables like location, climate, perspective, and the insects you’re dealing with. Considerations like pets, kids, privacy, and usage frequency should also be made.

Select retailers and service providers offer the sale and installation of fly screens in a variety of materials, mesh sizes, colors, and styles. They can be installed by a lot of handyman services, and if you have the time and the necessary skills, you can even buy do-it-yourself options.

To make sure you have the appropriate fly screen type for your doors and windows, we always advise working with a reputable company like Dubai Fly Screen. Do-it-yourself solutions and store-bought designs are frequently extremely simple, and you shouldn’t undervalue the positive effects the correct fly screens can have on the appearance, shape, and functionality of your home.

Why Choose Dubai Fly Screen as your provider of screens in UAE.

Form and function are essential components of our design process, and in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we provide special systems that can be paired with any cassette size thanks to their versatility. Dubai Fly Screen has been the top supplier of retractable fly screens in the UAE for the past ten years.

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